If  you buy a peach at Urban Radish, it will smell like a peach, taste like a peach and be GMO and pesticide-free. Our goal is to source the finest, most delicious, seasonally-fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers who let their crops reach maturity ‘on the tree’ where nature’s flavor-producing magic can stay at work.

We work hard, stay up very late to receive crates of fruits and vegetables from local farmers and trek all over Southern California to bring our customers the most delicious farm-direct produce available.  All of our produce is either certified organic or locally-sourced from small growers serving certified Farmers Markets in Southern California.

We take great pride in the fact that our produce is over 90% certified organic or sourced directly from small, local growers who implement pesticide-free farming processes.  Research shows that organically and sustainably grown fruits and vegetables contain significantly higher levels of Vitamin C and polyphenols, which play a critical role in nutrition and health due to their anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties.    Plants naturally produce pholyphenols to defend against pests and diseases, but plants defended by man-made pesticides have much lower levels because they don’t need it for their own self defense.   As the saying goes, ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it’.  We believe sustainably-farmed, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables are better for our bodies, better for our planet and better for everyone involved in the growing and harvesting process.   

We go ‘beyond Organic’ The term ‘Organic’ is highly regulated and has become very big business in the USA.   Now that consumers are more educated regarding the benefits of organic foods, we see it as our responsibility to step up and ensure consumers are getting access to the most nutritious and delicious options available. This includes promoting small local farmers who are operating with premium standards and farming processes very near to ‘organic’ but do not have the resources to complete the certification process.    

Local and Farm-Direct - With only 2 hours separating Los Angeles from California’s fertile Central Valley, also known as the ‘food basket of the world’, we believe our community should have easy access to the most delicious produce available anywhere.   We are committed to supporting our local farming communities and growers in Southern California and work directly with a number of farmers who are passionate about their crops, have long-term respect for the land they grow on, and harvest their fruits and vegetables only when the product has reached full size and maturity, ensuring the freshest quality and most delicious result.