Our mission is to bridge the pleasure of great food with ethical choices for the health of our bodies and our planet while facilitating strong relationship building throughout our community.  Our goal is to source the most delicious, healthful and responsible food choices for our customers and create an environment that brings people together, inspires conversation and fosters friendships.   We believe the American food culture lost its way during the mass industrialization era and that much can be learned by looking back, not so long ago, when the distance between harvest and consumption was much shorter and the transparency between consumers and the source of their food was far greater.    Our vision for Urban Radish is a market that harkens back to the days when consumers were foraging local specialty shops for quality and high-touch customer service, and knew what they were buying, where it came from and values of the producers behind it. 


We think of Urban Radish as a ‘hand-curated’ market.  This means that every product has been carefully picked for its quality and nutrition.  Our mission to bring the best food available to our customers. This keeps us in constant ‘foraging-mode’ for foods which meet our very high standards:

Great Food:  Delicious food created with care from healthy plants and animals.  We have a range of over 10,000 products that represent the healthy basics along with specialty items to support the home chef in endless culinary expression

 Beyond Organic:  The freshest, most flavorful and nutritious produce available from farmers who are passionate about their crops, subscribe to pesticide-free and organic fertilization practices and care about the sustainability of their land.   Our produce is over 90% organic or sourced locally from pesticide-free farmers

Local:  Farmers and producers that allow us to re-invest in our local California economy and keep food out of the ‘de-freshing’, ‘de-nutritionalizing’ and ‘de-flavoring’ effect of large distribution systems

Responsible:  Food which is good for the Earth as well as our bodies from producers who care about the long term sustainability of the land they occupy


Urban Radish, and its anchoring home in LA’s Arts District, is a reflection of our passion for great food, art, culture and community.  We want Urban Radish to be far more than an amazing place to buy delicious and healthful groceries.  Our mission is to create an inviting space and atmosphere, which is stimulating yet familiar, educational yet fun, and satisfying yet inspiring.

Our hope is that Urban Radish becomes a familiar touchstone in the community, where people can come together, find familiar faces, build relationships and share in the enjoyment of simple pleasures with great food at the center.   We continually strive for our customers enjoying being at Urban Radish as much as we do.


Our goal is to ensure exceptional customer service through education, friendly service and a shared passion for great food, alongside our moral commitment to reinvest in Los Angeles’s at-risk community.  We staff highly skilled department experts to oversee the foraging and care of our products, while a large fraction of our staff are formerly gang incarcerated men and women in need of a second chance at being contributive and responsible members of our community. Collectively, we work as a family to provide exceptional customer service through a passion for our business and the community we serve.  The make-up of our team reflects our commitment to expertise, education and social responsibility. We see ourselves as educators, caretakers, and matchmakers: highly knowledgeable in the food we carry, trained in careful food handling and maintenance, and there to assist customers in every aspect of the grocery selection process.