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Proudly Featuring Diestel Turkeys This Thanksgiving

Diestel has remained a family-run, sustainable turkey ranch since 1949.   Diestel turkeys enjoy the freedom of being slow grown in the clean Sierra Nevada Foothills.  They feed their birds a 100% vegetarian diet and are humanely raised and harvested.   We sell Diestel Roasted Turkey in our deli case all year long and will proudly be featuring this bird in our catered Thanksgiving dinners.  We believe Diestel offers the best tasting turkey you can find anywhere.   Pre-order from our Butcher -- quantities limited.

  • Organic American Heirloom :  A collection of rare and unique breeds offers the ultimate Thanksgiving bird. These American Heirloom turkeys bring rich flavor, beauty and old world history right to your table.  Available in 10-30lb sizes, priced at $6.75 / lb
  • Diestel Young Organic:  These slow-growing birds are fed a 100% organic diet and are pasture raised.   You can count on Diestel's signature old-fashioned flavor.  Available in 10-30lb sizes,  priced at $5.95/lb
  • Diestel Young All Natural:  The original Diestel turkey.  These slow-growing birds are given plenty of time and space to develop naturally …resulting in a turkey that is tender and juicy – every time!  Available in 10-30 lb sizes, priced at $4.15/lb
  • Diestel Petit:   At just 6-10 pounds when fully matured, it’s the perfect size for the BBQ, rotisserie, and roasting.   Priced at $4.15/lb

From the Butcher & Fishmonger


Getting a delicious, sumptuous turkey dinner on the table is a true American feat.   All that's left is to sit back and sip on a delicious, versatile wine.   Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are  the usual champions of the Thanksgiving table, but other varietals similarly offer the versatility to go with 'all those sides' and the juiciness to balance the main course.    Here are 4 GREAT crowd pleasing wines that will complement almost any elaborate dinner, while standing strong on their own.   We've discounted their already great price through November, so stock up now.

Domaine des Nugues Fleurie

A complex, juicy and elegant Gamay -- a perfect turkey pairing  

REG. $26 |  SALE: $21

Ahnfeldt Merlot

FALL'S BEST WINE DEAL:  Award winning merlot, $38 retail value

$21 While Supply Lasts

Spätburgunder Rosé

For LA's Rose connoisseurs --here's another rare & delicious one for you

REG. $22 |  SALE: $18

Truchard Charonnay

WS 94 pts.  A perfect holiday Chardonnay.  A favorite of ours.  Stock up... 

REG. $27  |  SALE: $23

Cheese & Charcuterie

Cowgirl Creamery Cheeses

Enjoy these very popular  cheeses from Pt Reyes, now on sale

20% off Mt Tam & Red Hawk


Vacche Rosse 

The World's best parmesan.  We love to crack these wheels open -- get it warm

REG. $28/lb |  SALE: $25/lb

Zoe's Meats & Charcuterie

New!  Zoe's Meats showcase the finest in American deli meats & charcuterie

15% off all Zoe's Deli Meats

Broadbent Country Ham

The read deal - country ham from a Kentucky family smokehouse

REG. $24 | SALE: $20/lb