Urban Radish: Shop Hungry

Urban Radish is an epicurean mecca of the Art’s District. Within an 8,000 square foot warehouse on Imperial Street, the upscale grocery boasts a selection of gourmet foods, seasonal produce and imported wines – just the right ingredients to make a modern day Julia Childs out of anyone.

In July of 2013, [store owners] introduced Urban Radish to the Arts District to create a community where local residents can walk to pick up a few high quality foods or grab ready to eat, organic meals. For a community whose sophisticated palate is home to trendy restaurants such as Bestia and Church & State, a grocery selling romanesco cauliflower and jamón ibérico could not be more timely.

Varieties of organic pasta, teas, jams, sauces, and oils stock the shelves in packaging that looks like The Dieline’s Top Ten List. Meandering through the aisles provokes an inclination to host an intimate dinner for impressive feasting, because ingredients this gourmand, must be shared.

The produce section is set up like a European farmer’s market: bundled, vibrant, and dripping in dew. These vegetables can easily turn a salad into a leafy work of art. Imported cheese and cured meats are encased within a vitrine conveniently next to the wine selection. They’re the necessary elements for the holy trinity of aperitifs: stinky cheese, aged meat, and velvety wine.

Just steps away is the quaint, Wi-Fi equipped patio which sets the stage for gourmet snacking and live Brazilian jazz. Every Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon, customers work on their laptops, sip on wine, and listen to soothing jazz all while forgetting their initial purpose for milk and eggs.

Urban Radish is a peaceful shopping oasis where shoppers come in to discover new foods, flavors, and cravings.